Fullstack Developer


About me

Hi! I'm glad you found me.

My name is Oliver Levay and I like developing websites.

I especially enjoy creating cool and intuitive user experiences.


With "cool" user experiences, good performance is a given. That's why I'm a big fan of modern web frameworks such as Next.js and the Jamstack architecture.

More me

This is me in my natural habitat.

I can often stay up a little too long coding away.

With good attention to detail and a tenacious perfectionist, I have a hard time letting go of unresolved issues.

What user experience?

I love giving users a "wow"-experience

When I say "wow"-experience, it doesn't necessarily include 3D-graphics.

Modern Websites

The world wide web is full of websites that are old, slow and dull.

I look very much forward to being a part of developing the modern web.

Wow, what?

I want to create "wow"-experiences where people think "Wow, that was convenient!" or "Wow, this website is so fast!"

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